Into Lapland road trip Experience

Into Lapland road trip Experience

3 countries, all the best activities, small international student group, one price


Have you always dreamed about seeing the magical Northern Lights while exploring the nature of Lapland on snow shoes? Do you want to experience the beautiful Lapland on a Husky sled? What about taking a cooling ice swimming dip after sauna in the Arctic Ocean? Do you want to get the adrenaline burst on a snowmobile safari? Have a traditional and classic Swedish meal in Ikea, Sweden? Into Lapland road trip Experience is the highlight of your semester. Our Lapland road trip is a small group trip (maximum 12 passengers) and on this trip we will visit three different countries: Finland, Sweden and Norway. This trip is the most unforgettable time you will spend during your exchange.

Tour highlights: 


Experience the magical Northern Lights on snow shoes


The Northern Lights has always been the magical phenomenon that keeps us all dreaming and they still have a big role in the Lappish mythology. 


On this trip we will head out into to the forest of the National Park in search of the mystical ”Aurora Borealis”.  We will have a break by camp fire where we will enjoy a hot drink and a bun. Our guide will tell us stories of the ancient past and beliefs of the Sami people as well as the scientific explanation of this magical light phenomenon. In case that the nature does not show the Northern Lights to us, we will still enjoy the peace and quiet of Lapland´s unique nature.


Duration: 2,5 hours


Experience the beautiful Lappish nature on a Husky sled


This trips allows us to enjoy the magnificent Lappish winter nature during the day time. The Huskys are just beautiful animals and we will have the chance to get known to them before and after our ride. The safari is 10 kilometers long we will switch the driver in the mid way so everyone can experience the fun of driving a Husky sled. After the safari we will enjoy grilled sausages with warm coffee or warm berry juice in a traditional Finnish hut, kota.


Duration: 2,5 hours


Experience the fun of ice swimming in the Arctic Ocean


The day trip to Norway is one of the highlights of this trip. We start our drive early in the morning and make our way via Kilpisjärvi to Norway. In Norway we will enjoy the beautiful landscape while going to sauna and taking cooling dips in the Arctic Ocean.


Experience the adrenaline burst on a snowmobile safari


There is no better way to get the adrenaline burst during the Lapland trip than on a snow mobile safari. After introduction into to the mysteries of snowmobiling, we set off for a a cruise to the enchanting Lapland scenery. We stop on the way to in a warm Lappish hut, kota, and enjoy warm drinks and a doughnut.


Duration: 2 hours

Trip details: 


Duration: 5 days. 4.2.2018 – 8.2.2018



  1. The roundtrip transportation in a modern minibus / sedan car
  2. Accommodation throughout the trip in modern cabins with all the neccessary facilities and sauna
  3. Northern Light safari on snow shoes
  4. 10 kilometres Husky safari
  5. A day trip to Norway with sauna and ice swimming in the Arctic Ocean
  6. A snowmobile safari * ( check the bottom of this page )
  7. Sled event and free use of the sleds throughout the trip
  8. All the needed gears on the activities
  9. Grocery store round every day
  10. Really beautiful nature
  11. Possibility to see Northern Lights every night
  12. Into Experiences trip leaders throughout the trip & help of the trip leaders
  13. Awesome international small group ( max 12 passengers )



  1. Food. However, as mentioned above, the chepeast way to to make food, is to collect a common cashbox
  2. Beverages & alcohol drinks
  3. Other activities / things that are not mentioned on the included list
  4. Travel insurance
  5. Bed linen & sheets


What to bring with you on the trip:

  1. Bed linen & sheets
  2. Your own pillow ( Not compulsory but it makes sleeping in the car more comfortable )
  3. Warm winter jacket & warm winter trousers
  4. Towel
  5. Warm beanie
  6. Warm gloves
  7. Woolen socks
  8. Enough clothes. The thing is to dress in layers towards the coldness
  9. Your personal belongings and ID
  10. Happy face and experimental attitude


Other important information about the trip:

Pay only 100 € when booking the trip. Remaining amount is due just before the departure. The remaining amount can be paid by bank account transfer or with credit card / debit card


* Snowmobile safari participants will be supplied with safety instructions and taught how to handle snowmobiles in the beginning of the safari. Everyone is driving at his / her own risk. In case of an accident, the maximum self-liability is 850 €. The rest is covered by safari company´s own insurance company.


Every driver has to have a full driving license. However, it is possible to take part to the safari even without a driving license as a passenger of the snowmobile.


Want to drive the whole snowmobile safari all alone ? Just pay 35 € additional and you can do it all alone. Please write to the "other information / allergies / special diets"-section if you want to drive alone on the snowmobile safari. This section comes when you go further in the booking.

Booking details

565,00 €


Duration: 5 days. 4.2.2018 – 8.2.2018


  • Day 1, 4.2.2018: 
  • Departure between 23-00. We will pick everyone up from their housing ( Rauhalahti, Neulamäki Puijonlaakso )



  • Day 2, 5.2.2018
  • Arrival to the cabins around 9-11 am. The driving time depends on the weather conditions and the amount of breaks we make on the way to Lapland
  • After check-in we make a grocery store round so everyone can buy some supplies & food. We highly recommend to do a common cashbox and then just make the food commonly 
  • In the late evening we have the Northern Light hunting safari on snow shoes



  • Day 3, 6.2.2018
  • Wake up & breakfast. Free time to explore
  • Grocery store round at 11.30
  • Departure to the Husky Safari at 13.00. Safari starts at 14.00
  • Arrival back to the cabins around 17.30
  • Downhill sled event



  • Day 4, 7.2.2018
  • Wake up & breakfast at 6.00 am
  • Departure towards Kilpisjärvi and Norway at 7.00 am
  • Grocery sotre round in Kilpisjärvi
  • Arrival to Norway around noon
  • Saunaing and ice swimming in the Arctic Ocean starting at 13.00
  • Late lunch in Norway around 15.30
  • Journey back to the cabins starts around 16.30
  • Arrival at cabins around 21.00
  • Late dinner



  • Day 5, 8.2.2018
  • Wake up & breakfast 
  • Pick up from the cabins to the snow mobile safari around 9
  • Snowmobile safari
  • Grocery store round beofre the departing towards Kuopio
  • Drive towards Kuopio starts around 13.00
  • Meal and Ikea visit in Haparanda, Sweden around 16.00
  • Arrival to Kuopio around midnight. We will drop everyone to their accommodations