This is the trip to the heart of Finnish identity. Finnish identity is made out of glittering lakes that covers most of central Finland and of course the Sauna tradition. It is estimated that there are over two million saunas in Finland, for a population of 5,5 million. You can still find people in Finland who were born in Sauna. Today, saunas are used for mental and physical relaxing. After being a while in sauna, people jump in to the water or roll in the snow to cool down.

3 countries, all the best activities, small international student group, one price


Have you always dreamed about seeing the magical Northern Lights while exploring the nature of Lapland on snow shoes? Do you want to experience the beautiful Lapland on a Husky sled? What about taking a cooling ice swimming dip after sauna in the Arctic Ocean? Do you want to get the adrenaline burst on a snowmobile safari? Have a traditional and classic Swedish meal in Ikea, Sweden? Into Lapland road trip Experience is the highlight of your semester. Our Lapland road trip is a small group trip (maximum 12 passengers) and on this trip we will visit three different countries: Finland, Sweden and Norway. This trip is the most unforgettable time you will spend during your exchange.