1.) Do I need a travel insurance to join at your trips ?

It is everyone´s own responsibility to take care of the insurances needed. We do not do any extreme sports ( bungee jumping etc. ) on our trips so basic travel insurance should be enough. Please note that everyone´s own insurance company knows the policy of your insurance and coverages.

2.) What clothing should I pack for one of your trips ?

We always recommend to pack as light as possible however the specific requirements for your trip will vary widely depending on when and where the trip is held. We have ”Trip details” section under each of our trips which includes the suggested packing list for each individual trip.

3.) Who are my travel companions ?

Our customers are adventurous spirit people all around the world sharing the same passion towards new experiences and people. And yes, Into Experiences is made for student travels so  you have to be a degree student, an exchange student or a PHD student to join our trips.

4.) What is your cancellation policy ?

Cancellation 14-8 days before departure = 50% of the total price


Cancellation 7-0 days before departure = 100% of the total price