5 Reasons Why Finland is Great for International Students

These days, students seeking for international experiences are spoiled by the amount of choices they have. Finland is a choice of many international students every year, and a plenty of them fall in love with the country.


We here at Into Experiences have a clue why Finland is stealing people’s hearts and have listed 5 reasons what makes Finland a top destination for international students. We hope you agree!


1) Finland is a safe, well kept secret


People sometimes describe Finland as one of the best kept secrets in the world.  The easternmost Nordic country is known for its forests, start-up scene and people who don’t talk too much (we are happy to prove this wrong).


Finland has a reputation being a safe, well-functioning country where locals love to stick to the various rules and laws. Being safe is now official too, as Finland has been noted as the safest country in the world for travellers (source). Talking about safety - many people even leave their door unlocked at night (not recommended though!).



2) Finland’s four different seasons never disappoint


The good news is that there is no bad time to arrive in Finland. Whether you arrive in the middle of the darkest winter or in the summer, you will have loads of nice weather related stories to share to your friends and family on Facebook. 


It’s fair to admit that sometimes the weather might not be the most welcoming, but that’s just Finland being Finland. If you ask us, there is nothing better than a crispy winter day with -35c and a meter of snow. On the other hand, you can enjoy the famous nightless nights in the summer and nothing keeps mind as fresh as a walk in a windy autumn rain. If you are in Finland during the midsummer, we strongly recommend experiencing the Finnish midsummer in the traditional way. In the middle of nowhere, with a beer in hand, with your favourite people.


3) Finland is known for a good quality of life


The Finns are the world’s 5th happiest nation, and the country has been described the greenest country in the world as well as the least polluted (source: Huffington Post). Ingredients of good life, one might say.


For many, close proximity to nature increases happiness and quality of life. Many of you have probably heard of the everyman’s right (or freedom to roam) in Finland, the legal right that guarantees people from all nationalities are allowed to enjoy the nature freely (learn more about this fantastic concept here). Make the most out of your stay in Finland and try all sorts of outdoor activities - paddling and trekking are good fun!



4) You can easily avoid big crowds in Finland


Although Finland has never been trendier than today (many international newspapers have praised Finland as a travel destination lately!), it’s still a very well kept secret. Finland is one of the largest countries in Europe and the population being only 5 million, it’s easy to find quiet spots.


If you are anything like the “let’s go local” -type of person, studying in Finland is the best thing that has ever happened to you. Finland is not home to any big major tourist attractions, and local stuff is fairly easy to find. Go and pick mushrooms, pick berries or rent a rowing boat. That is so much more fun than spending hours in queues and big crowds.



5) There are so many fun things to do in Finland with your new international friends


Exchange years are the best way to meet like-minded people and make lifelong memories. Everything is new and everyone is on the same boat: that is a good starting point for a friendship. 


All the fun things typical to our country tie people closely together. For example, it’s difficult to think about activities that are more fun than drinking beer on a couch wearing only underwear. Finnish people call this “kalsarikännit”, and our almost naked drinking habit has even been noted by the Vogue! No biggie.


Into Experience works primarily with international students willing to discover Finland to the fullest.



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