When people are looking for food travel destinations, Finland is often not the first one on their list.  Kuopio is also known for a quickly developing food scene and food festivals focusing on local ingredients.


We love eating out and love discovering new restaurants and coffee shops in our hometown. Being  a small(ish) town, Kuopio has a good selection of good quality restaurants and coffee shops.


We have now listed 10 brilliant places to have a bite in Kuopio - hopefully this inspires you next time you go and eat out!


Kuopio is a city many international students are not familiar with before their arrival.


Kuopio is certainly not as famous as Paris and London, and not as known as Helsinki and Rovaniemi are. Kuopio is however a little hidden gem, and what we have heard from international students studying in Kuopio, everyone is enjoying their time here. Of course life abroad never comes without challenges, but overall Erasmus students seem happy with their life. The biggest challenges are generally related to the darkness in the winter and the always changing Finnish weather.


Finland is famous for its changing seasons. Summers are full of light and winters, on the other hand, are the darkest of the dark. 


finland for international students

These days, students seeking for international experiences are spoiled by the amount of choices they have. Finland is a choice of many international students every year, and a plenty of them fall in love with the country.


We here at Into Experiences have a clue why Finland is stealing people’s hearts and have listed 5 reasons what makes Finland a top destination for international students. We hope you agree!


1) Finland is a safe, well kept secret