About Us

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Our story

In spring 2017, Into Experiences was launched with the true belief  that other travelers around the globe would share the same enthusiasm and joy to experience authentic and real adventures in a small international groups.


There were no such a business and brand on the market  only aimed for a small group student travels.  Our core belief is that in every country there are so much more to see and experience than the major tourist attractions. This is the reason why our experiences are planned to go off the beaten path, avoiding the major tourist attractions. We truly know that going off the beaten path gives the most authentic experience for our customers.


We know that every single of us is Into Experiences

Who we are ?

Founder Tuukka Peiponen, started his own travelling experience in 2009, right after high school. Ever since he has been travelling on and off, trying to think how to create a business around travelling and authentic experiences. With the experience of travelling on all the continents and living in five different countries, Into Experiences was founded. Into Experience´s founder Tuukka experienced the joy, passion and enthusiasm during his own travels and our mission is to share these same things to our customers.

Why Into Experiences ?

1. We love small groups

We truly know that the small group sizes gives the best experiences for our customers. We have got a major amount of positive feedback from our customers that the small group sizes are just awesome. We can be way more flexible and creative when we keep the group sizes low on all of our trips. This is also how we create added value for our customers and make the big differentiation to other companies. Our group sizes are always maximum 20 customers per trip. So if you do not want to do your travels in big buses driving in a que with hundreds of other people around you, we are the right option for you. 


2. We go off the beaten track

Australia has Ayers Rock and Fraser Island. Peru has Machu Picchu. Finland has Helsinki.

We truly believe that the real and authentic experiences are made out of people, feelings, nature and culture. Real experiences are those moments you realize you are really alive and experiencing something special. Into Experience´s trips go always off the beaten path offering these real life experiences to our customers.

3. Connected by experiences

We know shared experiences have the unique power to connect people around the globe. Experiencing a new country together is a great opportunity to make new friends or lovers and it’s a great way to bring different cultures together. This is exactly what we are aiming for here at Into Experiences: we make our customers connect through experiences we offer in Finland and nearby countries.

4. Everyone is Into Experiences

We know that every single of us is Into Experiences

5. Local staff

We work exclusively with local staff who are running our trips. This is because we know that the best people to show the real heart of each destination and trip are the ones who actually live there. Our staff is always with a background of their own wide travel experience.



Love towards small groups

Small groups just works better than big groups. They are better for our customers as well as for us.

Break the boundaries

Breaking the boundaries is the only way to make unforgettable experiences. We encourage our customers as well as our staff to break the boundaries. Breaking the boundaries gives always the opportunity to experience something new, exciting and feel the emotions to the fullest.

Be unforgettable

Being unforgettable and memorable aparts us and our customers from the others. We provide trips that gives unforgettable lifetime memories to our customers and to our staff.

Create social value

We create social value by our experiences. The unique feelings, moments and experiences gained while our trips, creates the social value espicially to our customers as well as to all the people involved. 


We have the passion to create authentic experiences for our customers. We want to share this passion towards experiences to all of our customers and beyond.