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real and authentic experiences are made out of people, feelings, nature and culture

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Why Into Experiences?

Into Experiences offers small group student trips in beautiful Finland and nearby countries. All trips are designed with authentic Finnish experiences on mind, to provide lifelong memories, and insights into the Finnish culture.

Into Experiences - We go off the beaten track

We go off the beaten track

Into Experience's trips always go off the beaten path offering real life experiences to it's customers.

Into Experiences - Connected by experiences

Connected by experiences

We know shared experiences have the unique power to connect people around the globe.

Into Experiences - Everyone is Into Experiences

Small group student trips

We truly believe in small groups. The smaller the, the funnier.


Into Experiences is a unique company nowadays in travel branch. ..I went to Lapland with Intoexperiences and it felt like that I was traveling with my family.


A must do when visiting or staying in Kuopio.


What I especially like of Into Experiences is the focus on smaller groups, so meeting other people becomes better.